NTRCA merit list 2019 is updated | check ntrca merit list result 1-15

ntrca merit list
NTRCA merit list 2019 was last updated when 14th NTRCA final result was revealed. So presently it's ntrca merit list 1 to 14. It's also known as ntrca combined merit list. This ntrca merit list will be updated again after publishing the 15th ntrca final result.  Till then we can see only the ntrca merit list result 1 to 14 in the NTRCA combined national merit list. See also 16th ntrca admit card download 2019 here If you are an examinee.

    Here we have shared the ntrca merit list 2019 and you can check your position in the ntrca combined merit list easily just following our instructions if you are a ntrca teacher's registration holder. This merit list is for 1-14 and 2010 special NTRCA exam.
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    What is NTRCA merit list or NTRCA combined national merit list?

    NTRCA merit list is a combined list of all ntrca teacher's registration holders or ntrca certificate holders according to their written exam marks.

    (NTRCA) Non Government Teachers Registration and Certification authority arranges examination for the candidates who want to be teacher or lecturer of non government MPO or non MPO schools and colleges. They issue certificates to the passed candidates.

    NTRCA is also empowered by Bangladesh government to recommend the non government educational institutions recruiting the eligible teachers or lecturers. They select the best candidates according to this ntrca merit list result. Currently it's 1-14 ntrca merit list. "NTRCA merit list check" is available for all passed candidates. You can also ask for a "ntrca merit list 2019 PDF download" option.

    It's also the ntrca combined merit list because all of the ntrca teacher's registration holders from 1st to 14th and 2010 special batch are enlisted in this combined national merit list.

    Even the current employees of non government schools and colleges who are already ntrca teacher's registration holders are also enlisted here. "NTRCA certificate holders obtaining same marks in written examination (optional subject) have been shown in same merit position" said the authority.

    History of publishing ntrca combined national merit list

    People may ask when was ntrca merit list result first published?

    It's well-known that ntrca merit list or ntrca merit list result was first published in 2018.It was published according to the judgment of Bangladesh high court. Honorable high court ordered NTRCA to prepare a combined national merit list and publish it on their website which is viewable publicly. The court disclosed this verdict in 2018 after judgement of the writ petition filed by some ntrca teacher's registration holders. The judge also ordered ntrca to update this merit list continuously when a new ntrca final exam result is released.

    How to check ntrca merit list 2019?

    Naturally if you are a ntrca certificate holder you need to check your position in the ntrca merit list 2019 because it's the main qualification if you want to apply in a non government school or college as a teacher or lecturer.
    To check your position

    NTRCA merit list check

    • Choose your subject from the list and that's it.
    • See your merit position in the list.

    The list looks like below.
    NTRCA merit list result

    Why do you need to check your ntrca merit list result frequently?

    "NTRCA merit list check" is necessary before applying to a non government school or college because this merit list position will determine the chance of your desired teaching job. As we stated before that this position is variable.It's not fixed forever.You may loss your merit position after including new ntrca registration holders in this list.So Recheck your merit position after a new update of this ntrca merit list result.

    NTRCA merit list 1 to 14

    As we described before at present we can check only the NTRCA merit list 1 to 14 because till now 1st to 14th Bach of teacher's registration is completed by NTRCA.After publishing the next 15th ntrca final exam result it will be NTRCA merit list result 1 to 15 then. Check 16th ntrca result 2019

    NTRCA merit list 2019 PDF download

    Do you want to download 1-14 ntrca merit list?

    Normally NTRCA merit list 2019 PDF download is not available on the ntrca official website ngi.teletalk.com.bd but it's not impossible to get a PDF copy of the merit list. You can create your own PDF copy opening the merit list page from your web browser easily. Or If you want you can ask a PDF copy from us through the comment. We will upload the ntrca merit list 2019 PDF file.
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