HSC result 2020 and HSC rescrutiny result 2020

HSC Result 2019 is a major public exam result this year. So many online portals are covering this event seriously. But most of them are annoying due to unnecessarily worthless long content. But we tried to shorten our content and we tried to give hassle free experience to the 'HSC exam result 2019' seekers.

You will also find HSC rescrutiny result 2019 means HSC board challenge result 2019 here.

    HSC Result 2019 overviews

    Higher Secondary certificate (HSC) exam 2019 started on Monday 1st April. Total examinees including 8 general board, technical board and madrasha board are 13 lakh 51 thousand and 505. Among them only HSC examinees of 8 general board are 11 lakh 38 thousand and 747.

    The exam finished on 11th may and the practical exam also finished within 12th to 21st May according to HSC exam routine 2020. Now HSC exam result 2019 is published.  73.93% of examinees passed in this exam this year. You may also get SSC routine 2020 from our website.

    HSC exam 2019 question leakage protection

    Education ministry of Bangladesh Took some preparation to protect question leakage.
    Such as:
    1. examinees must take their seat 30 minutes prior to the exam starts.
    2. The exam center secretary must report to the board describing the cause of delay, students name and roll number if any examinees fail to reach at the exam center on time.
    3. Only exam center secretary can use a general cell phone.
    4. Except him no others are allowed to use cell phone or any other prohibited electronic device.
    5. No one except exam related person is permitted to obtain within 600 feet of the exam center.
    6. The question set will be determined and revealed just 25 minutes ago before the exam starts.
    7. Coating centers are closed for 1st April to 6th May.

    HSC result 2019 publish date

    People are asking when HSC result 2019 will be published? Generally education boards publish HSC exam result within two months from the exam ending date every year. So we can guess the possible HSC board result 2019 date will be in July 2019. We will also publish the HSC result 2019 date bangladesh for our reader when it is announced by the authority. So please keep your eyes on our blog to know the exat HSC board result 2019 publish date.

    On 23th June the chairman of inter education board national sub committee said that they had sent a letter to the education ministry proposing to publish the HSC result 2019 on 20, 21 or 22 July 2019. The education ministry will decide when they would publish the HSC exam result 2019.

    Prime Minister will decide when she would be able to expend time publishing the result among those dates. The final date will be announced then.

    And finally we get the exact publish date. The education ministry revealed the date of HSC result 2019. The result will be published on 17th July 2019.
    HSC result 2019 publish date

    View HSC board result 2019 by SMS

    Like other public results such as SSC result 2019 you can easily check your HSC exam result 2019 by mobile SMS.

    To get your exam result just go to your phone's SMS option and type

    HSC space first three letters of your board name space Roll number space 2019

    Finally send to 16222

    Example : HSC RAJ 017340 2019 Send to 16222 (From any operator)

    View all education board's short code below
    No Board Name Short Code
    1 Barisal BAR
    2 Chittagong CHI
    3 Comilla COM
    4 Dhaka DHA
    5 Dinajpur DIN
    6 Jessore JES
    7 Rajshahi RAJ
    8 Sylhet SYL
    9 Madrasah MAD
    10 Technical TEC

    HSC result 2019 from education board results online

    SMS is a limited system to get any public result.So online is the most popular way to view all public exam result. It's easy to download HSC exam result 2019 with mark sheet from internet.

    http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd is a popular government website to view all public examination results under secondary and higher secondary education board. To see hsc result from here
    • First go to education board results website and select HSC/Alim
    • Next select 2019
    • Select your education board
    • Type your roll number and registration number
    • Finally enter captcha code and click on submit button
    • Get your details result successfully
    HSC exam result

    HSC board result 2019 from eboard results  online

    There is another alternative government website to view HSC result 2019 from online. You can view all public exam results under secondary and higher secondary education boards  from this site also like prior website. The system is similar but there are some difference also!
    • First go to eboard results website
    • Then enter Examination, Year, Board similarly
    • After that select individual result to view only your own result
    • Put your roll, registration number and enter captcha code
    • Finally click on get result and view your result successfully
    H S C result

    What is the official website to check HSC result 2019?

    Examinees should know the official website to view their exam result because official website is the most reliable source.

    There is an official website of education board to view all public exam results under intermediate and secondary education board Bangladesh.

    The official website is http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/ . HSC exam is under the intermediate and secondary education board Bangladesh. So it's the official website to check your HSC board result 2019

    Which is the best website to check HSC result 2019 online?

    As we said the official website is the most reliable source to check any important information. And we also shared the official website link to check your HSC exam result online.

    User guide to check HSC result 2019 online 

    It's very easy and simple to view HSC result 2019 online. We showed all the easiest ways to check your result. Especially we described the way to get result from this website https://eboardresults.com/app/ . But if you didn't understand then you may follow the user guide of this website. They have a user guide of themselves where they described the process to view results with pictorials!

    HSC rescrutiny result 2019

    Exam boards announced rescrutiny application for HSC result 2019 next day after publishing the result. Examinees have to apply for rescrutiny within 18/07/19 to 23/07/19. See the application process below.
    HSC rescrutiny application 2019

    What is HSC board challenge result 2019

    If any examinees isn't satisfy with his result after checking his HSC exam result 2019 and he feels doubt about the accuracy of his exam result he may apply for rescrutiny of his result. Then the exam board will revise his result and will publish the correct result if the previous result is wrong. It's called the hsc board challenge result 2019

    But you should be clear that the entire exam paper will not be reviewed again in this process. They will review only the calculation of the distributed marks of your exam paper. If there are any mistakes of calculation they will publish the actual marks. It's also called HSC rescrutiny result 2019.

    Examinees can apply for multiple subjects to review their result. But they must pay 150 Tk for per subject to get hsc challenge result 2019
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